Farmington's Megan Keller wins Olympic gold as Team USA defeats Canada

Ross Houston
February 25, 2018

In the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Canada and the US team battled it out on the ice, similar to last night, but after going into overtime, the Canadian team took home the gold.

So, there was no way they could beat Canada twice, right?

Share this article: In this photo a curling team competes. The U.S. scored first, but Canada took over in the second period and scored two goals, taking the lead.

The two teams traded single points early to go into the midpoint break tied 2-2. She blocked a shot by Canada's Meghan Agosta, ultimately securing the team a shiny new (gold) piece of hardware. The strategy meant Canada would go into the final end down one and needing to steal a point with the USA hammer.

To put that run in perspective, in their last three matches, Shuster and company knocked off the silver, bronze and gold medalists from 2014. A United States team has reached the finals of the Olympic competition for the first time since 1981.

Shuster just needed to complete an easy hit-and-stay for the victory, and again, he made it look easy.

"Every single day when I wake up is trying to figure out what I can do to prepare for this moment and to have the pressure through this week and to come together now, this is a dream come true for sure".

Calgary's Kevin Koe lost 7-5 to Switzerland's Peter de Cruz in the men's bronze-medal game Friday.

It was only Germany's second victory in 30 meetings with Canada in Olympic and world championship play.

Congratulations on your gold medal, Team Shuster!

"I was afraid to holler and scream because we lived in our own home for 60 years but we're in an apartment now we were afraid to yell out too loud", Marlene said.

The Germans, who didn't even qualify for the last Olympics, won their only other Olympic hockey medal - a bronze - as West Germany in 1976.

"We're going to play our hearts out", Landsteiner said, "but it takes a little bit of pressure off and allows us to just go out and play and not think, 'What if we get fourth?'" Although in saying that, Canada still got an Olympic silver medal so you know...suck it up and come back stronger.

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