Corporations drop NRA Partnership following Parkland Shooting

Andrew Cummings
February 25, 2018

The auto rental company announced Friday that it has ended its discount program for NRA members. Some said they would boycott the companies severing ties with the NRA.

There are many companies who have not responded to comments regarding their relationships with the NRA, but some have spoke out and said they will stick with the NRA regardless.

However, that company also plans to review its relationship with the NRA. "There are only 5 million NRA members but over 300 million of us!"

On Thursday, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that those advocating for stricter gun control are exploiting the Florida shooting.

US companies are rethinking their relationships with the National Rifle Assn., taking a closer look at investments, co-branding deals and other ties to the gun industry after the latest school massacre.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, founded after 20 first-graders were shot and killed at a CT school in 2012, sent letters to Apple Inc, AT&T Inc, Amazon, Alphabet Inc's Google and Roku Inc on Friday, asking them to drop NRATV from their platforms.

A national reckoning on gun violence has caused the National Rifle Association, or NRA, to lose its relationships to a growing number of national brands distancing themselves from the gun-rights lobby group after the recent deadly mass shooting at a high school in Florida, according to a number of reports.

Delta announced Saturday morning that they are terminating a contract with the NRA to provide discounted flights to the organization's annual convention in May.

Enterprise Holdings, which owns three auto rental brands, confirmed on Twitter that it is ending its discount offered to NRA members.

Delta: "Delta is reaching out to the NRA to let them know we will be ending their contract for discounted rates through our group travel program", the company tweeted Saturday.

"Many will applaud the move, but NRA members are famously loyal and the organization has shown itself as being very good at mobilizing its members, so there's a real possibility of a significant backlash".

The U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment protects the right of Americans to bear arms.

The NRA has partnerships with companies that offer members special deals, such as discounts on auto rentals or hotel bookings.

The vehicle rental company Hertz and Symantec Corp., the software company that makes Norton Antivirus technology, did the same. "All three of our brands have ended the discount for NRA members", said a tweet on the Enterprise Rent-A-Car account.

The online furor comes a day after the NRA's leaders attacked the media and Democrats, claiming the fallout from last week's Florida high school massacre was being politicized.

Like Wyndham, the company took to social media to respond to dozens of messages, saying it "does not have an affiliation with and is not a corporate partner of the National Rifle Association".

Gun-control activists are organizing boycotts of companies with ties to the National Rifle Association - and they're already producing results.

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