Ben & Jerry's Just Dropped Its Own Version of Halo Top

Andrew Cummings
February 8, 2018

Now, Ben & Jerry's have waded into the more health-focused sector with its line of light ice cream, Moo-phoria, which will be hitting stores later this month. They also feature 60 to 70 flawless less fat than traditional ice cream and less sugar (without replacing it with any sugar substitutes), yet are all still made with organic milk.

So far the line comes in three flavors: Chocolate Milk and Cookies, P.B. Dough, and Caramel Cookie Fix. Only weighing in between 560 and 620 calories per pint, Chocolate Milk & Cookies, Caramel Cookie Fix, and P.B. Dough are all nestled in that manageable 150-ish calories per serving range.

Ben & Jerry's, known for its ice cream filled with chunks of fudge, brownies or cookie dough, is the latest big brand to launch a slimmed-down version of its frozen treats. That's largely due to the mix-ins - in true Ben & Jerry's fashion, there are still plenty of chunks and swirls inside.

Ben & Jerry's is scooping Halo Top.

Halo Top's entire pints have fewer than 400 calories, and it emphasizes the full calorie count on the front of its package - a move others are mimicking. The company's share of the US ice cream market more than doubled to 1.9 percent in 2017 from the year before, according to research company Euromonitor. A yourself. And while we're not exactly condoning eating the whole thing (hey, you do you), there is a shiny new low-cal option coming to the market, courtesy of our two ice cream baes. Enlightened has the same number of calories per serving as Halo Top (60 calories for a half-cup), while Arctic Zero contains around 45 calories per half scoop.

"Ben & Jerry's tries to offer a little bit of something for everyone", Dena Wimette, the company's senior innovation manager, said in a statement.

A closer look at the new moo-phoria ice cream.

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