Accused school shooter to receive large inheritance, could need new lawyer

Yolanda Curtis
February 23, 2018

"[He] bought tons of ammo...[and] has used a gun against [people] before", the dispatcher's log states. Had the Federal Bureau of Investigation followed up on the tip it received in January, it would have been able to locate the calls from November, calls in which Cruz was described as violent, as having made threats involving his guns, and as having put a gun to "others heads in the past".

Deputies were called again the next day on November 28th when the fight between Cruz and Rock Deschamps broke out. The deputy went to a local park and found Cruz, who explained that he had misplaced a photo of his recently deceased mother and, emotionally distraught, began punching the wall...

Deschamps told deputies Cruz had been "going through a lot" with the loss of his mother and "did not want [Cruz] to go to jail".

"He said he was sorry for losing his temper", the report said.

The dispatcher tried to locate Cruz. Deschamps filed the paperwork on February 15, one day after Cruz shot up his former high school. But the son expressed that he wanted Cruz to leave the residence until he calmed down, according to the report.

Paul Gold, Rocxanne's former fiance, recalled how he drove him to his mother's funeral in November and said he was "stoic" throughout.

The large amount of money could prompt a judge to review the estate and possibly make the money accessible for Cruz's defense.

While his younger brother Zachary remained at that home, Cruz returned to Broward County to live with a friend, and stayed at the Pompano Beach home of James and Kimberly Snead.

In an earlier police report obtained by ABC News, officers were called to Deschamps' residence on November 24 by her son, who claimed Cruz had possibly hidden a gun in the back yard.

The woman who cared for accused Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz and his brother filed court papers seeking control of their inheritance just one day after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Simovitch declined to comment on the probate motion. "There were no weapons allowed in the household", a filing stated. Deschamps also signed the retainer agreement and was named as the "proposed personal representative" for Cruz and his brother, according to the document. Nikolas also told the Sneads that he suspected Rocxanne Deschamps was trying to steal his money.

"The Broward County Public Defender's Office shall not interfere with counsel's right to speak with Nikolas Cruz regarding this pending probate case", Greene ruled.

It is not clear if a police officer ever responded by going to the house.

A report in August 2016 by the Florida Department of Children and Family shows the agency investigated a Snapchat post in which Cruz was seen cutting his arms and was told by Cruz that he "plans to go out and buy a gun".

According to the report, a mobile crisis unit was called out to his school, but he was found "stable enough not to be hospitalized", and it was "determined that he was not at risk to harm himself or others".

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