With expansion to screens and cars, Google Assistant is officially everywhere

With expansion to screens and cars, Google Assistant is officially everywhere

Yolanda Curtis
January 13, 2018

While Amazon's showing was more muted, the online retailer did use CES 2018 to announce that Alexa would be coming to wearables everywhere.

JBL, LG and Lenovo are all having a crack at their own smart hubs that come with a built-in screen, but it's not Alexa running the show - it's Google Assistant instead.

On the show floor, it smoothly scrolled through demo applications popping up info in ways we're used to seeing on our phones or through Android Auto.

The benefit of this is simpler integration, with one device that not only serves as the connection nexus for all Z-Wave wireless communication, but that can also offer full voice control and provide all of Google's assistant services. JBL and Lenovo Group Ltd also are developing smart displays, Google said.

However, the headline news was a new range of smart displays aimed squarely at challenging the Amazon Echo Show. The Google Assistant recently pushed to LG's Smart Speakers.

The findings suggest that 54% of those who own a voice assistant use it at least once a day and 81% report using it once weekly. While it's been possible up to this point to call on Google in the vehicle using voice, Google has reworked the way Assistant communicates with Android Auto, both through the app and in-car displays.

Since Google Assistant is built in, the Smart Display can do everything a Google Home can do. Considering that Amazon is now leading in the category of smart home appliances, Google has taken drastic measures to prevent Alexa from moving forward.

"Hey, Google. What's the weather in China next week?" a senior official at LG Electronics asked the company's flat-screen television equipped with Google Assistant. The company plastered the "Hey Google" command to launch its digital assistant all over Las Vegas.

Google has also added animations to complement some of the more personality-driven features of the Google Assistant.

But, oddly enough, we may not even have to make a choice between assistants. Not much more is known about the specifications of the LG ThinQ WK9, and the official product page on the LG page redirects to a blank space when you click on "Tech Specs". However, when it comes to the company's refrigeration units will use Alexa.

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