Weather warning remains in place as fog still lingers across Gloucestershire

Ross Houston
January 13, 2018

While Limerick city and county is now enduring dense fog at present, Met Eireann expects this to worsen between Thursday evening and the early hours of Friday morning.

The fog remains dense around Laois and the forecaster says it could linger.

"Fog will persist in some parts of Northern Ireland during Thursday afternoon, thickening up towards dusk with the visibility falling below 100 metres in places".

Light winds will stop mists clearing leaving many parts of the country under a thick pea-soup through much of the day.

The fog is expected to clear more in coastal counties as the day goes on, but several of these counties will still be subject to the Status Yellow warning due to heavy rainfall.

The warning covers Northern Ireland, Wales, north-west England, south-east England, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber and south-east England.

Mr Wilson said: "There is a lot of radiation fog around at the moment".

A Met Office spokesman said: "If there are clear skies, the heat radiates back into space leading to cooling at the earth's surface". Lowest temperatures are expected to be 4° to 8°.

When temperatures drop low enough, "supercooled" liquid droplets become suspended in the air and can freeze on surfaces, this is the cause of "freezing fog". Some patches of fog will form and also some frost.

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