The Central Hall at CES 2018 just lost power, and people cheered

Henrietta Brewer
January 12, 2018

People inside the Convention Center began tweeting at around 11:15 a.m. PT that the power had shut off inside numerous booths on the show floor.

Multimillion-dollar installations from technology giants including Samsung, LG, Nikon, Panasonic, GoPro, Canon, Hisense, and Intel all fell dark, leaving crowds of people reaching for their mobile phones to light the way out. And the more socially conscious pointed out the hypocrisy of being bent out of shape over a brief blackout at CES when an entire territory of the United States has been without power for months... CES Attendees wait outside Central Hall after the power went out on Wednesday, Jan. 10.

The blackout in the Las Vegas Convention Centre's Central and South Hall bridge meeting rooms occurred at approximately 11.13am local (Pacific) time on the second day of the show.

CES celebrated its 50th anniversary in June, but the show now unleashed on Las Vegas feels like a considerable milestone. Power was restored a little more than two hours later.

A preliminary assessment indicates that condensation from heavy rainfall caused a flashover on one of the facility's transformers. Even if they can explain the technological reasons behind the event, how does something like this happen, and at CES of all shows? The Consumer Electronics Show is due to continue until Saturday. Social media lit up immediately, so those in the area and following online likely heard about it through those channels before anything was said by the association.

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