Super Mario Odyssey Getting Balloon World Update

Super Mario Odyssey Getting Balloon World Update

Yolanda Curtis
January 11, 2018

In Find It mode, players try to find other player's hidden balloons in a test of wits.

Super Mario Odyssey Getting Balloon World Update

In a surprise Nintendo Direct mini they announced free Super Mario Odyssey Balloon Battle multiplayer DLC. After completing the main story, players will be able to speak to Luigi in stages to start the competitive modes. The idea is that you'll use your mastery of the game's maps to find the most obscure and hard to reach spots in the time that you are given. In Find It mode players are tasked with finding another player's balloon, and only have the thirty seconds to do so. If you meet that qualification, you'll find Luigi scattered across the game's various worlds.

In addition to these new online modes, Super Mario Odyssey will add a few new updates to expand the usage of the game's features. It's great to see Nintendo continue to support one of the greater games in its series, Super Mario Sunshine!

As a final perk, the new update will also integrate new filters and options for players to utilize in the game's photo mode, giving players lots of new options to share their adventures with Mario.

This update will come in February, although it seems like it's particularly light in single-player content.

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