Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Launch Trailer

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Launch Trailer

Yolanda Curtis
January 19, 2018

From needing you to be online to play, to barebones content, and even flaky net code that made it painful to play multiplayer, it was far from flawless. Capcom's solution was to fully embrace eSports and the game's competitive element, which is obvious not only in terms of the emphasis on online play and your online reputation, but also the more complex gameplay elements that Street Fighter IV largely eschewed. But should you bother with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition?

Street Fighter V doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition releases today (you can download the update right now if you own the base game!), and that means that Sakura is now in the fighting game. Arcade Edition also adds extra V-Triggers, which expand gameplay for all fighters. New skills for every character, a robust arcade mode and a cleanly defined visual style make this feel like the Street Fighter game we were expecting two years ago.

As for the new characters, Street Fighter fans will be happy to see the return of veterans Sakura, Sagat, and Blanka.

The other new mode is Team Battle, which allows you set-up and customise a mini-tournament with up to five players. Here, a host of rules such as winning by beating every player or the amount of health restored on each round can be tweaked.

One thing the game was missing for most of this time, brought up in multiple requests from thousands of players, was an Arcade Mode. Much like Arcade mode, it gives diehard fans a reason to come back, but it's not flawless because Capcom has changed how in-game currency is earned in Street Fighter V.

The core of Street Fighter V remains largely the same. Win, and you'll earn back a lot more fight money than you invested, but watch out - most of the challenges are pretty tough. At launch the game had very little content, few fighters, no story mode, poor online modes and wasn't worth your time. The fighters that you will encounter in the mode are not just pre-determined, but are select by the player themselves. Meanwhile, Extra Battle asks you to spend fight money to buy into a limited-time challenge. It's good if you have a local crew of friends who are all into Street Fighter V. Story, Trials, Arcade, and Survival mode as well as versus (against a second person on the same PS4 or PC) are playable offline.

Ah, but enough about the nitty gritty fighting mechanics (check out our original Street Fighter V review for that) - is the titular Arcade Mode up to snuff? The game cost $60 at launch, with two Season Passes at $20-30 each, only for all of that content to end up in Arcade Edition for a clean $39.99. In its place is a relatively smooth game that ensures you're never waiting too long to play against someone across the globe. This truly feels like the fresh start Street Fighter V has been needing. These fights made me wistful, especially when I was taking on M. Bison on a crisp, HD version of his Street Fighter 2 stage. Thanks to the myriad of fixes and additional game modes, there's more than a reason to give Capcom's fighting game a go.

Well, after almost two years, Capcom may finally be delivering on their "Street Fighter for everyone" promise, serving up a new Arcade Mode, and a host of other features.

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