Seal rips Oprah over ties to Harvey Weinstein

Seal rips Oprah over ties to Harvey Weinstein

Carla Harmon
January 13, 2018

Donald Trump's answer seemed to be, 'you're fired, ' whereas Oprah Winfrey's answers seem to be always, 'you're great'. Unsurprisingly, the response was enthusiastic approval.

Patrice Bennet-Adler of Daly City, Calif., is one of those Democrats who likes Winfrey but isn't eager for her to her run for president.

We need to end the political aspirations of celebrities and political neophytes. Work your way up.

The vanity campaigns by the rich and famous have to end before they're even allowed to start. So if some sites expected a rush of Oprah bettors in the wake of her impressive speech, there's a chance some oddsmakers juiced her odds a bit to protect from being overexposed. "I think one of the arguments against Oprah is 45". Decades of experience as a journalist, author and public speaker give her a powerful weapon in any race against an incumbent whose greatest strength is plainspoken communication with voters and a ring of unpolished authenticity and confidence.

In her television program that ran for so many years, Oprah Winfrey intentionally, rather self-consciously, used the program in order to drive the moral revolution, not so much in the form of hard arguments as in the form of a soft power of entertainment and persuasion. Of a celebrity candidate, known for her big-hearted optimism, taking on a reality-show president defined by his thirst for combat.

The Jewish director, in London to promote his latest movie, "The Post", praised the queen of the talk show, saying her empathy was just what the United States needed.

His critique of the talk-show hosts position in the recent fight against sexual abuse, was written alongside a viral meme which showed two images of Oprah. "But now she doesn't have a choice". "She's not just a businessperson - she also appears to have a social conscious that I'm aligned with". May calmer heads prevail. Winfrey has the support of 91% of Democrats, while Trump would have the backing of 85% of Republicans. They are there. On both sides.

While I think she is an wonderful person who has done much with her fame and wealth to help direct public dialogue about numerous social issues, including her emotional speech at the Golden Globe Awards, none of that necessarily qualifies her for the highest leadership position in our national government. That's a lesson we should have learned by now. Former Vice President Joe Biden, despite his age (he would, at 76, be America's oldest new president, beating current record holder Trump by six years), is popular, experienced and a proven political veteran.

A second photo beneath it, where Weinstein leans in as Rita Ora sits next to Winfrey, was captioned: "But suddenly they all think you are the solution".

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