Samsung Galaxy S9 Launch, Pre-Order & Release Dates Leaked

Yolanda Curtis
January 17, 2018

The rear camera is exceptional, as it features 12-megapixel rating with an F1.5 - F2.4 aperture. Samsung are pressing forward with their own iteration on just about every device that they manufacture from smartphones to TVs and refrigerators. So, with Samsung coming back on track of its launch schedule, the Galaxy S8-series won't even be a year old while the Galaxy S9 is being announced.

If this new leak is to be believed, Samsung would be introducing the Galaxy S9 on the first day of the Mobile World Congress on February 26. It seems that the Galaxy S9 release date might possibly have been revealed by a "C-level executive at a major casemaker".

Samsung has confirmed consumers can expect updates to its Bixby AI assistant feature, particularly making its interface easier for users to navigate.

So far, most details about the smartphone pretty much suggest the Galaxy S9 is an incremental update. It also makes use of MST for Samsung Pay-based mobile payments.

The Galaxy S9 has an iris scanner, but is expected that its 3D mapping will not be as sophisticated as Apple's FaceID recognition.

The Galaxy S9 will be unveiled about a month earlier than its predecessor. It also indicates that Samsung will add Super Slow-Mo (probably 1000fps slow motion) capability enabling superb action shot video to be captured. The handset is mainly popular because of the Infinity Display design, water- and dust-resistant body, and up to 6GB RAM.

An image that appeared on the r/Android sub-Reddit community appears to show off the packaging of a Samsung Galaxy S9.

After years of rumors and speculations, it looks like there's finally a solid word on Samsung's much-awaited foldable smartphone - dubbed the Galaxy X.

This would roughly match up with previous Galaxy S release dates, seeing an unveiling at Mobile World Congress and a launch in the following weeks.

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