Sales via Voice assistant grew 103% in Q4 2017

Pablo Tucker
January 14, 2018

So far in terms of the battle of digital assistants, it has been pretty much been Alexa versus Google Assistant.

The Wall is the ideal name chosen by South Korean electronics giant Samsung for its 146-inch television, which makes use of MicroLED components to deliver 4K resolution without a projection interface; this is an advanced Smart TV platform that includes Bixby, the Samsung virtual assistant that allows users to control devices with their voices. Its pleasantly geometric design has a triangular base that sits sturdily in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Google Assistant can be used to control all sort sof smart home gadgets and appliances. Now called Actions, these skills will appear in their own section of the Google Assistant app.

Personally, I think these "smart displays" are the future of Google Assistant, and for me I don't think it's going to be worth buying anything else going forward.

The Smart Displays will offer exactly the same interface like a smartphone, however you would see some added features on the Smart Displays. There are no apps to download; everything is right on the screen.

But where motorists typically have to learn fairly rigid voice commands to operate the onboard enTune system, Alexa can understand and respond to much more natural speech, while also offering a much wider array of services and functions. It's an undemanding way to get ready for the day. The Smart Display is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 624 Chipset. Bixby puts you in command of it all with just your voice. You can look up recipes for dinner, collated from around the web. "And in the vehicle a true automotive assistant, which knows what drivers want and how cars work, is probably a better choice for the "driving" end of that interface than a general objective assistant coming from the home environment".

Of course, as a Google Assistant, the Smart Display can control your smart home devices, including the ability to check in on your baby monitor and other security cameras.

Google's First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound embeds Google Assistant along with a full speaker into a ceiling mounted smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. While all of this is already possible on Google smartphones, these displays are meant to be stationery items that can be placed on tables and shelves and other counter-tops. The 8-inch model comes with a soft matte finish, while the 10-inch version can be customized with a bamboo finish.

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