Nintendo Switch is getting two more Wii U ports

Nintendo Switch is getting two more Wii U ports

Yolanda Curtis
January 12, 2018

Tropical Freeze is jumping onto Nintendo Switch later this year, the company confirmed earlier today. In the new Nintendo Mini-Direct, it was revealed that we can expect the game to come to the newer system in May. The writers here at Nintendo Enthusiast are huge fans of Tropical Freeze, so this is a welcome announcement.

Nintendo's Wii U was host to some damned good games - but the system was a bit of a failure. This seems to be an easy mode of sorts, as Funky Kong is able to double jump, hover in the air, perform infinite rolls, and perform infinite underwater corkscrews. He can even survive spikes with his trusty surfboard. This makes the Switch port all the more important, as it means that a much bigger audience has a chance to give it a shot. The good news is, for the hardcore fans, the full experience is still playable just like the original.

The Switch version of the game will also provide local co-op multiplayer via Joy-Con controls. If Tropical Freeze gave you trouble on Wii U, then, it might be worth revisiting on Switch and playing as Funky Kong.

This rebranded Definitive Edition will include all of the many, many DLC packs thus far - meaning you can play as Link's Awakening's Marin (yay!) and the gender-swapped Linkle. We know that. But ads help us pay the bills.

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