Next Apple update will enable users to opt-out of iPhone slowdown

Next Apple update will enable users to opt-out of iPhone slowdown

Yolanda Curtis
January 20, 2018

"I have that faith - that it will be used for great goal for the country", said Cook, "whether that's infrastructure or education, or what have you, that will further supply jobs in the U.S".

Essentially, it slows the speed of iPhones as their batteries age. Cook said the phone-slowing feature was initially added to prevent the phone from inconvenient shutdowns, like during important calls or video chats.

Apple is already facing lawsuits in the United States and elsewhere over accusations of having defrauded iPhone users by slowing down devices without warning to compensate for poor battery performance and to push clients into buying new phones.

Walking into the 14th Street Apple Store
Todd Haselton | CNBC Walking into the 14th Street Apple Store

Senator John Thune, R-South Dakota, sent Apple CEO Tim Cook a letter with questions about Apple's slowdown feature and its transparency, and requested answers by January 23.

But in Korea, prosecutors just took the whole thing to a new level, announcing a formal investigation of Apple's alleged planned obsolescence practices.

"When we did put it out, we did say what it was, but I don't think a lot of people were paying attention", said Cook in a television interview with ABC News.

The group is also reported to represent about 120 plaintiffs in a civil damage suit against Apple which was also filed earlier this month.

It is unclear whether the South Korean government will act on the complaint, according to Reuters.

On Dec. 28, a week after Apple first admitted to the slowdown, the company apologized and offered cheaper battery replacements.

Users will also be able to decide whether to reduce your phone's performance to extend battery life. To make up for what it had done, Apple sliced 63% off the price of a battery replacement for the iPhone 6 and later, cutting the price to $29 from $79 for the remainder of the year. "We have a deep sense of responsibility to give back to our country and the people who help make our success possible", CEO Tim Cook said in the release.

Like other similar legal fillings, the consumer groups' complaint is centred on Apple's release of iOS 10.2.1 in 2016, a software update that included a feature which affected the CPU for iPhone 6, 6s and SE models.

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