Mum of boy in H&M ad brands controversy 'unnecessary'

Yolanda Curtis
January 12, 2018

Canadian singer-songwriter and record producer The Weeknd has made a decision to cut ties with Swedish multinational clothing-retail company H&M after the brand featured an image of a black child wearing a hoodie that read "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" on its website.

As attention on the issue intensified, and the controversy continued to grow, H&M released a further statement via its Instagram page.

"Maybe it's just one of those mistakes that one makes".

As per reports, H&M's U.S. website doesn't have the green jumper anymore but the United Kingdom site still has it for sale.

"We appreciate the support of those who have seen that our product and promotion were not meant to cause offence but, as a global brand, we have a responsibility to be aware", wrote H&M in a statement to Fox News.

'Therefore, we've not only removed the image from our channels but also the garment from our product offering'.

Due to the mass outrage over the advertisement, H&M has stated that they would pull the jumper from all of their outlets. His decision to end his relationship with the retailer because of the ad comes after hip-hop artist The Weeknd announcement he will no longer work with H&M.

However the image was still shared thousands of times on social media and drew comments from dozens of high-profile critics. Diddy wrote on his Instagram post.

"You're prince soon to be a king Don't let anybody tell you different". His post addressed H&M's official account and featured an edited version of the ad, which includes superimposed crowns on the boy's head and sweatshirt, labeled, "KING OF THE WORLD". The monkey imagery and all other kinds of derogatory references like it continue to be a problem in our contemporary society, harking back to the days when we at large saw nothing wrong with owning people and exchanging them as property, commodities of the colonial endeavour.

And so, in that way you may think that there is nothing wrong with the image, and that it is actually more racially prejudiced to take the image down, because it was never intended as a racial slur.

Canadian singer The Weeknd, who has a clothing line with the retailer, severed ties with H&M on Monday saying he was both "deeply offended" and "shocked and embarrassed" by the advert.

Twitter user, Selene Arianela tweeted comparing the image to a white boy modeling a "survival expert" hoodie, which didn't seem to make matters any better for H&M.

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