Mobile to offer new BOGO deals and savings

Yolanda Curtis
January 11, 2018

In the race of achieving the success in the smartphone market, T-Mobile announced that it added over 5 million customers in 2017 and now the company has some sweet new deals.

T-Mobile is looking to start 2018 off right, launching three promotions for new and existing customers. Starting this Friday, T-Mobile will launch three new ways to save including BOGO deals, rebates, and incentives to switch from another carrier.

It's a complicated system, but it's better than the deals from Verizon or AT&T, since you get your rebate within two months, after which you can cancel the new line you activated, or even pay off your phones and leave T-Mobile altogether. You'll also need to trade in an eligible device.

Just trade-in one of many qualifying smartphones, port in a number, get your new phones on the Un-carrier's no-interest Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) and activate them on T-Mobile!

Under T-Mobile's offer, customers who purchase the iPhone X may get up to $700 off on the second iPhone X in the form of a rebate contained in a prepaid card. Customers buy two of the devices and then receive up to United States dollars 700 back on the cheaper of the two via rebates and cash for an old phone traded in. Customers who want just one phone can buy the same Samsung and LG devices and get up to United States dollars 150 back via rebates.

T-Mobile unveiled new smartphone deals for new and existing customers, with the highlight being the up to $700 discount for a second iPhone X. Under the program, T-Mobile will take care of up to $650 on the remaining payments for smartphones purchased from Verizon, if customers decide to switch from a Verizon subscription to a T-Mobile ONE or T-Mobile ONE Plus International plan.

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