Many Oregon Residents Don't Want to Pump Their Own Gas

Andrew Cummings
January 12, 2018

In Oregon and New Jersey, gas station attendants do the pumping for you, while you remain in your auto, serenely smiling at the absolute luxury being visited upon you at that precise moment.

Some gas attendants don't seem to mind the self-service pumps, saying it makes their jobs easier, while others fear the new law may bring an end to their paychecks.

The alleged "panic" traces back to a Facebook post by Medford news station KTVL that asked whether OR should allow self-serve gas statewide.

Change can be a scary thing-but the rest of America isn't overflowing with sympathy for Oregonians freaking out about the fact that they're now allowed to pump their own gas. "I don't want to smell like gas", one person wrote.

Pulling up to the gas pump and filling your own tank might be routine for Tennesseans, but it's the latest thing in OR - and social media is having fun with it.

"I grew up, born and raised in Washington, and I think it's silly that we can't pump our gas, or couldn't before", Andrew Hoggate of Lyle, Washington said.

Dreamstime.comDid you hear that you can finally pump your own gas in Oregon?

One commenter dubbed Oregonians "backwoods the North" for being unable to pump gas without spilling the whole tank and triggering a Star Wars-style explosion.

Perkins confirmed that many of her customers probably don't know how to pump gas anyway.

Pumping your own gas is unsafe, that's why I always keep a katana behind my seat to deal with transients. Kale Williams at the Oregonian, however, notes that the law introduced in 1951 protected around 10,000 jobs and says people sneering at the state may just be jealous of their "fancy gas waiters". Though the majority of people either like or are indifferent to the change, there are some who believe being allowed to pump your own petrol is absolutely a harbinger of a world gone mad. It simply gives retailers in sparsely populated communities, or about half of the states' counties, the option to do so - and some have said they will continue their business practices regardless of the law. In at least one rural county, co-op members are issued cards that allow them to pump their own gas any time of day.

The Bulletin reported employees at multiple stations in Crook and Jefferson counties say they're unaware of any plans to change self-service.

The new law is causing concern for some drivers in OR for a variety of reasons. The organization noted that the Americans With Disabilities Act requires self-serve gas stations to provide assistance to customers with disabilities.

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