LG has made a 65-inch rollable OLED display

Yolanda Curtis
January 12, 2018

Despite being showcased as a near consumer-ready product, LG says that the display is still a prototype. It revealed its 88-inch 8K TV, alongside the new ThinQ software, a week before CES kicked off. For now the company is sticking with curved AMOLED screens on smartphones and QLED panels in TVs.

Each of these TVs is incredibly thin visibly, which should make them appear a little more stylish as these days the thinner the TVs tend to be the sleeker their looks are perceived to be, and LG has delivered with some pretty thin units this year.

However unlike most TV's that remain in your living room when not in use, this TV is rolled up like a sheet of paper, disappearing into a discreet rectangular box.

The company said that developing TVs with OLEDs is easy, as the self-emissive nature helps in reducing the aperture ratio without reducing the brightness. In all, LG rolled out nine 4K LG AI OLED TVs, ranging from 55 in.to 77 in., and seven 4K LG AI SUPER UHD TV models, ranging from 55 to 75 in.

Additionally, LG's new TVs also come with voice controls for its own ThinQ smart home platform, which'll let you control compatible devices like smart robot vacuums, smart ovens, and smart washing machines. Hisense brought budget TVs to last year's CES and it will likely do that again.

Samsung and LG have both unveiled TVs that do more. While this is as innovative as it gets, LG has not yet revealed the specifics of the TV.

In contrast to the boom in OLED TV shipments, global liquid crystal display (LCD) TV shipments declined slightly in November - though they still account for the vast majority of TV sales. If LG's display standard catches on, TVs could be easily carried around in light, tube-shaped cases.

We have been expecting the same Flexible displays and panels by different giants during this year's Consumer Electronics Show and LG has blessed us with this new Rollable OLED display already. There is no word on the pricing and availability of The Wall by Samsung.

The oven is also able to share information about the dish it just cooked with the company's connected QuadWash dishwasher, which then selects the most appropriate wash cycle to rinse the dishes properly.

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