Google Removes 60 Malware-Infected Apps Displaying Pornographic Ads

Pablo Tucker
January 15, 2018

Google does automated malware scanning of apps submitted to the Play Store, leading to a continual cat-and-mouse game of malicious developers working to beat the filters in various ways.

Check Point explained that the inappropriate ads within the apps weren't Google advertisements.

Attempting to trick users into installing fake "security apps".

The "AdultSwine" malware was discovered by researchers from CheckPoint software, which said apps harbouring the code had been downloaded at least three million times.

It said games and apps intended for children were a new target for cybercriminals that targeted hospitals, businesses, and governments in the past.

Tech giant Google declared on Friday that it took down 60 gaming applications after new malicious softwares were discovered in the gaming programs.

AdultSwine also has the potential to open the door to other attacks like theft of login credentials.

Numerous apps infected with the malware are aimed at children, and some have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Registering To Premium ServicesAnother technique used by the malicious malware is registering to premium services and charging the victim's account for fraudulent premium services they did not request.

How It WorksOnce the infected app is installed on the device, it waits for a boot to occur or for a user to unlock their screen in order to initiate the attack. Here, the victim is told that they have won a valuable price, but he will need to answer a quiz or enter his contact number to redeem it.

The scareware "virus removal solution" was suspended from Google Play for using inappropriate marketing tactics to drive installs.

Malware that displays explicit pornographic adverts has been found lurking in 60 apps available on Google's Play store.

Inducing users to register to premium services at the user's expense.

"Indeed, these plots continue to be effective even today, especially when they originate in apps downloaded from trusted sources such as Google Play", researchers said.

TakeawaysApps infected with the nasty "AdultSwine" malware are able to cause emotional and financial distress.

AdultSwine offers a three-pronged approach to the operator.

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