Google Play getting audiobooks soon

Google Play getting audiobooks soon

Yolanda Curtis
January 22, 2018

If rumors are to be believed, Google is gearing up to sell audiobooks on the official Play Store. But now, things are changing and the Play Store will be adding a special section for the book lovers with Audiobooks. If the banner is any indication, they should appear sometime in the near future, perhaps as early as this week. But, we do know that whenever the audiobooks arrive, it seems (as mentioned in banner above) Google is planning to run a promotion to offer 50 percent discount on your first audiobook purchase. At the time of publishing, that link doesn't work and simply 404's, but it seems to be appearing for all users both on the web and within the Google Play app on Android.

Apart from this, one more source suggests that the giant will also update their Google Play Books with support for Audiobooks. Thanks to some eagled-eyed work from 9to5Google, it looks like the Big G may soon be getting in the digital tome game. With audiobooks coming soon, the Google Play Store will expand its media offerings, which now include apps, TV show, movies, music, and digital books. Audiobooks on the Google Play Store have been hinted in the past as well.

Then again, things will get a bit more cluttered with the addition of an audiobooks section.

As of now, there is no information of when this specific section will be introduced, and how they will be accessed.

Google's move to offer a simpler way to search and buy audiobooks will challenge Amazon's domination in the market. owns Audible and had recently audiobook support on its Kindle devices. The code points to audiobooks in the store, and that the app will allow users to navigate through the chapters using chapter titles - Audible's app allows for similar navigation, but only by chapter numbers - and that the app will allow users to keep track of their progress on multiple devices. Most of the new e-readers are now come with audiobooks support and for that reason, the giant has made a decision to offer a separate audiobooks section on the Play Store.

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