Google Assistant Just Won CES 2018, and Alexa Should Be Worried

Pablo Tucker
January 14, 2018

Well, that future is coming sooner than we think because come 2018 there will be more devices embedded with digital assistants powered by artificial intelligence (AI) from either Amazon's Alexa or Google's Assistant.

REUTERS/Dado RuvicGoogle smart displays, in partnership with Lenovo and other brands, are in direct competition with the Amazon Echo Show. Lenovo was the one of the first companies to unveil a Google Assistant powered Smart Display, with their yet-to-be-named product. It's announced a range of new gadgets featuring its assistant on everything from smart displays to pressure cookers. The price point and release date are unspecified, and some distinguishing qualities from similar Amazon, Lenovo and JBL products would also be nice.

Google and Amazon are expanding their efforts to promote their digital assistants to a number of third-party manufacturers, as the war between the two escalates.

LG's Smart Display is set to have an 8-inch touchscreen enabled panel (we don't know the resolution yet, but it's most likely HD).

Amazon kick-started the market for smart speakers in 2014 with its Echo device, which included the Alexa virtual assistant. Credit: Tom's GuideAnother sign that Google is gaining momentum is that devices that had previously been Alexa-only, such as the Sonos One smart speakers, are now incorporating Google Assistant, too.

Are you excited about the new LG Smart Display? You can also make use of the Google Assistant to make things working for you without touching the display using different types of voice commands. The device could take the driver's orders to let him/her show the directions or to play a particular music. "[The firm] has proven that there is a logical use case for a hands-free assistant in the smart home". More than 5 billion consumer devices supporting digital assistants will be in use in 2018, with nearly 3 billion more added by 2021, according to IHS Markit. With a display, Google Assistant will be able to play a YouTube video, search for map directions, call a cab and track it, as well as pull up images through Google Photos.

"Hey, Google. What's the weather in China next week?" a senior official at LG Electronics asked the company's flat-screen television equipped with Google Assistant.

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