Father of shooting suspect: "Just turn yourself in"

Father of shooting suspect: "Just turn yourself in"

Cheryl Sanders
January 14, 2018

Wilson's father, Ronnie Wilson, said officers came to his house on Thursday night to ask questions.

Officer Jay Williams, a 14-year KPD veteran, was shot once, in the shoulder. According to TBI public information officer Leslie Earhart, he is a confirmed member of the Aryan Nations and has a history of violence.

Rausch described Wilson as a known member of the Aryan Nations and at the time of the encounter with Williams, he was wanted on a probation violation for aggravated assault - a case that had initially charged as an attempted murder. KPD Chief Rausch said Wilson used a shotgun.

Police recovered Wilson's auto and are now searching for Wilson himself, whom they describe as "armed and extremely unsafe".

On Friday, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation added Wilson to its Top 10 Most Wanted List, and is offering a $2,500 reward for information that leads to his capture.

"Thank God that the officer that was shot is doing okay, thank God for that and his family".

"Do not attempt to intervene. If he took a shot at an officer, he wouldn't hesitate to take a shot at anyone else". Call law enforcement and let us know where he is'.

KnoxNews reports that Wilson is a member of the Aryan Nations, a white supremacist group.

Photos he posted of himself on his Facebook page show "a large swastika tattoo on his chest and, on his stomach, a Celtic cross with different images in each quadrant and the words "White Pride Worldwide" around the outside", according to Knox News.

"The gang borrowed its title from the older neo-Nazi group of the same name, though the two are separate groups with few connections", the website reads.

Cops said early Friday that Officer Williams has been released from the hospital.

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