Dragon Ball FighterZ's open beta is ready to download

Dragon Ball FighterZ's open beta is ready to download

Yolanda Curtis
January 13, 2018

He will reportedly tell his Universe 11 opponent to have him resurrected by the Super Dragon Balls if the Universe 11 wins the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - hopefully Arc System Works' first mainstream hitWhen is the Dragon Ball FighterZ release date?

The upcoming game will feature the strongest fighter of Universe 6, Hit.

Take a trip down memory lane, as gaming fans are welcome to play some of the most popular Dragon Ball Z video games on retro consoles such as; Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 to Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden plus loads more! Like Goku Black, Hit is also given his own trailer. Though most characters in the game come from Dragon Ball Z - with an emphasis on the Cell Saga - FighterZ has utilized a number of newer characters, such as Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, Super Saiyan Blue Goku, and Beerus. On the other hand, the roster of characters for its open beta is also announced. Before the game hits stores, early access to the Open Beta will be going live from 13th January 2018 for anyone who has pre-ordered the game digitally.

The client can be downloaded on PS4 from the PlayStation Store and on Xbox One from the Microsoft Store.

The much anticipated Dragon Ball FighterZ beta is now available for everyone to download!

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