Detective Pikachu features a massive Amiibo for western release

Yolanda Curtis
January 13, 2018

The 3DS game Detective Pikachu is coming to the West in March, The Pokemon Company said today, and with it comes a giant Amiibo that's almost double the size of a standard Pikachu. Both the amiibo and Detective Pikachu will launch on March 23, 2018. You can use this Pikachu to find clues to your current cases in the game. Also, Nintendo is releasing an absolutely huge amiibo alongside the game.

"Detective Pikachu includes all the chapters of the 2016 Japan-exclusive Nintendo eShop release, Detective Pikachu - Birth of a New Duo, but adds further content that completes the story".

Detective Pikachu is the newest confirmed Nintendo amiibo in months

Odd things are afoot in Ryme City, but Detective Pikachu is on the case.

If you're wondering why Detective Pikachu can talk, well, that's not really explained.

Of course, you also play as a teenager, Tim, slowly peeling back the layers of a veritable, conspiratorial onion of Rhyme City in Detective Pikachu, with one character explicitly requesting you stay out of police business. He isn't doing it alone, of course, with the gritty, coffee-addicted Detective Pikachu at his side. Detective Pikachu also has the ability to speak to other Pokémon, which will occasionally provide some valuable information. Are you looking forward to Detective Pikachu on 3DS?

Nintendo unveiled today a giant new Detective Pikachu amiibo. Now, it looks as if gamers living stateside will also have a chance to purchase another Pokemon-themed product that was originally exclusive to the Eastern country, as the Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu Edition has received a USA release date of January 26, 2018.

Nintendo says there are more details on Detective Pikachu to come, but for now, mark your calendars for March and sharpen those deductive skills.

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