Demand an End to Human Trafficking

Ross Houston
January 13, 2018

"The most despicable part about it is that it is the sale and resale of human flesh, of our most vulnerable of Nebraskans" said Lincoln Sen.

Also this month and into early February, near the feast of St. Josephine Bakhita, patron saint of human trafficking, the series also will feature "Flora", "Mr. J" and "Mr. P".

One of her group's goals in 2018 is to change a law on Wisconsin's books that can cause victims of sex trafficking that are under the age of 18 to be charged with prostitution.

According to the task force, many of Maryland's attributes make it an attractive area for human trafficking, including major highways, casinos, popular tourist areas, airports, truck stops, and sporting venues. "They evolve just like our children evolve with technology", said Lt. Talamantez. "Let's open up the data, so we can learn what visas are being misused for human trafficking and where the victims are coming from". In July, an Omaha man was sentenced to prison for his role in a sex trafficking ring near Offutt Air Force Base that involved a 15-year-old girl.

Quoting the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, she said human trafficking is the second largest source of illegal income worldwide - second only to drug trafficking.

The Department of Homeland Security is encouraging people to wear blue on Thursday, January 11, to bring awareness of human trafficking.

"Human traffickers can ingress and egress, the problem is law enforcement has jurisdictional boundaries and it makes it very hard to investigate when it goes across two or three counties", Wilson said.

President Trump's proclamation completes the month-long attention on slavery and human trafficking by celebrating National Freedom Day on February 1.

But Dickey says the quickest way for victims to get help is generally by reporting to a local hospital emergency room. "The House has this issue on the radar and stands ready to work with the attorney general to give him the tools he needs to prosecute these evil people".

Law enforcement will ramp up prosecutions of people who buy or attempt to buy children for sex in Nebraska this year following the passage of stricter penalties last year, Attorney General Doug Peterson said Thursday. "We are just beginning to scratch the surface on how serious this problem is, and we're committed to doing everything we can to "put the brakes" on it". The office also formed a coalition with Bikers Against Child Abuse and secured the arrest and indictment against a former Campbell County district judge and school board member on numerous human trafficking charges. "The sharing of tactics and strategies is so important to developing a comprehensive plan". This crime is often times hidden, as victims rarely come forward to seek help for various reasons including language barriers, fear of traffickers, and fear of law enforcement.

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