Cuomo says NY will sue over GOP tax law

Cuomo says NY will sue over GOP tax law

Andrew Cummings
January 12, 2018

"It's a question of our competitiveness long term and preserving the strength of NY state and New York's state economy", Cuomo said, "at a time when we have federal government that is giving other states a structural competitive advantage against us".

The idea of replacing all or part of the state personal income tax with a payroll tax, "partially subsidized by the federal government via business tax deductions, might sound plausible or even appealing on the surface to politicians anxious about the impact on their revenue cash cows", E.J. McMahon, research director of the conservative-leaning Empire Center for Public Policy, said on the center's blog.

Cuomo, who is seeking re-election in November and is a potential presidential candidate in 2020, is expected to provide more details about his plans in his proposed state budget later this month.

Cuomo is also considering creating additional charitable organizations so contributions to those organizations can be tax deductible.

"The message to local government is clearly that we have to work hard on cutting our costs and increasing our revenues because state aid will be hard to come by", Herzig said Thursday.

Despite the Internal Revenue Service warning some taxpayers who prepaid their property taxes may still face a cap on deductions, both Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio defended the step as the best solution.

According to the news report, the school district of Newburgh, New York launched a "Breakfast after the Bell" program two years ago and subsequently "saw participation rates jump by more than 100%". With our public transportation system in crisis for so long, and New Yorkers suffering as a result, we should ask the Governor: If he knows how to fix the system, why has he continued to allow it to fall into disrepair?

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo tweeted condemnation of the Trump administration's latest move to grant licenses for oil and gas exploration around much of the USA coastline, drawing a stark comparison with New York's clean energy ambitions and policies.

Congress would have violated the 14th Amendment had Republicans passed a tax bill that, for example, specified that taxes be raised on Democratic voters and lowered on Republican voters.

State-level bail reform may be the central criminal justice reform of 2018, particularly given Attorney General Jeff Sessions' lack of interest in federal reforms and given the new drug war panic sparked by opioid-related deaths. He told the audience that he will implement a plan to restructure the present payroll tax and the current income system.

"Looking at the swap between payroll and income taxes is interesting". This will be the first step in the process to meet New York's goal set a year ago to develop 2,400 megawatts of offshore wind power by 2030. "What exactly it looks like, I think it's a little soon".

"I think that's also a loser", Shanske said of the Tenth Amendment claim.

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