Cindy Crawford Revives Sexy Pepsi Ad for the Super Bowl

Cheryl Sanders
January 13, 2018

Pepsi will also present a series of pop-up exhibits in the U.S. throughout the year featuring pop-culture milestones in Pepsi history, guiding fans through the evolution of how Pepsi's history has connected with people over generations, kicking off at the Super Bowl with the presentation of the 2017 Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year award. "This time of year it always gets featured in the roundups of the Best Super Bowl Commercials ever", she said, "and every January I revisit my original Pepsi spot that I just love because the music was ideal, and the little boys were flawless and it was just one of those commercials that everyone loved and it made people happy". The year was 1992 and Crawford paid a visit to the Halfway Café in a red sports auto, dressed in a white tank top and denim cutoff shorts. Crawford, who shares 18-year-old Presley with husband Rande Gerber, said it was "exciting" to work with her son.

The supermodel, 51, was excited to work with her son for the project. What we do know is that Crawford's son, Presley Gerber, will have a starring role and that the spot will include a new take on the famous 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl ad. She gets out of the vehicle and purchases a Pepsi from a vending machine outside as a group of young boys longingly watch from the other side of a fence, allegedly mesmerized by the soda's handsome new can design. In a brief clip of the 2018 Pepsi ad, Crawford does her thing (shakes out her tousled strands, gives her trademark model stare, drinks from a can of Pepsi) in such a way that it feels like 1992 all over again. Consumers can redeem loyalty points for merchandize including vintage Pepsi-branded t-shirts and hats.

"To include now my next generation, Presley, just makes it that much more familial feeling", Crawford told People. "And it's amusing, because during Halloween a lot of women will dress up as me in that commercial". Last year, luxury watch brand Omega named Kaia and Presley Gerber brand ambassadors alongside Crawford. "I think probably that will be the highlight for me is just getting to see my dad", she said.

Spoiler alert: She doesn't wear them in the new commercial.

The Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show is headlined by superstar Justin Timberlake.

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