Bernstein: LaVar Ball A Bother To NBA Coaches

Cheryl Sanders
January 13, 2018

User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. With his eldest son Lonzo and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers roster struggling, LaVar made a decision to drop another hot take, saying that the team doesn't want to play for coach Luke Walton any longer.

Johnson has not publicly commented on the controversy. It was not surprising news; Clarkson's contract is a hindrance to creating cap space for two max contracts, Randle is an upcoming free agent, and Kyle Kuzma's emergence makes Nance expendable.

Carlisle called ESPN's interview with LaVar Ball "a disgrace".

"I'm saying that they should look at their sources and do a better job of determining whether they have any merit or any validity". "But part of that partnership is that the coaches do a lot of things to help them with access, interviews and all those kinds of things".

Rather than joining Carlisle and Malone in pitting coaches against media, Kerr sliced through the superficial layers and spoke to the meaty issues affecting the current media environment. "Printing an article where the father of an National Basketball Association player has an opinion that's printed as anything like legitimate erodes trust".

I asked the coach on Tuesday whether there is an "end game" and a "win-win" to be had here.

Asked if he liked playing for Walton on Sunday, Ball provided the flimsiest of endorsements by stating, "I'll play for anybody".

According to the LA Times, Doc thought that LaVar's comments about Luke were "awful".

Steve Kerr handled the situation well, Rick Carlisle did not.

"I feel terrible for Luke". "I just think it's bad". It's good to have someone fighting for us.

"I'm just happy to be home", Caldwell-Pope said on Monday.

"This is the world we live in now", Kerr said. It is what it is and we all deal with it. And they all believe, I think in their heart of hearts, that the only man alive who's really capable of coaching them is their father. "We know it. I just hope we handle it better".

Doc backing Carlisle makes sense.

Kerr having to see one of the NBA's bright young coaches - and a friend - blasted by a player's father has to be an annoyance for him.

Now, could there be a player or two in the locker room who are not fans of their coach? That is because he was suspended indefinitely for his involvement in the shoplifting scandal during UCLA's goodwill tour surrounding the Pac-12 China Game and the result was his father, LaVar Ball, pulling him from the program. "It" not. It's societal issue.

Ball also complained about the usage of his eldest son, Lonzo, continuing the behavior he has shown regarding all three of his sons at every level of competition.

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