American Idol 15 Monday show delaying Dancing with the Stars 26

American Idol 15 Monday show delaying Dancing with the Stars 26

Carla Harmon
January 12, 2018

On Tuesday, an energetic Clarkson took the stage at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, along with Season 12 victor Chris Blue and executive producer Audrey Morrissey, and gushed about her excitement to be on the hit singing competition series.

Also, when contestants like the iconically bad William Hung managed to take the mud-slinging in stride, it actually made the humor somehow more palatable - if they were in on the joke, couldn't we be, too? Those are a lot of different hats to wear, and Katy sure wears them well! "And then, here American Idol happens, and I jumped right on it".

As the OG Idol alum, Seacrest said that it was important for the show to find three capable judges who would "give the franchise what it deserves because the legacy of this franchise is important to the fans, it's important to us [since] we've worked on it for a long time". Richie shared that he was at a point in his career where he was being offered videos teaching students about the art of making music. She has even been compared to Idol's original judge, Simon Cowell, who became famous for delivering very harsh criticism, often smashing contestants' dreams into pieces.

"And then I got the call [for Idol], thank God", he said.

American Idol is desperate to get back to its glory days of pumping out chart-topping artists when the show returns to ABC this year.

"The American Idol endeavor felt like it was going to be a blast to be a part of", Bryan added. "That's what American Idol is".

The soul legend, country star Luke Bryan and Katy Perry are hoping to find the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood on the revamped talent show, and Lionel admits he can't help but get invested in the stories of wannabes who come to sing for him, because they remind him of the time he proved to his dad he could be a successful singer.

We can't wait to watch Katy show off that rebellious authenticity she prides herself on when American Idol premieres on ABC on March 11!

"The American Idol endeavor, for me, felt like it was gonna be a blast to be a part of", Luke said earlier this week at a Television Critics Association panel in Los Angeles. "It's a crowded space and I take it really seriously, sometimes to my detriment".

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