You can also use your Apple Watch with Apple Pay Cash

Yolanda Curtis
December 6, 2017

Since the launch of Apple Pay in the United States, the payment service has been expanded to Canada, France, Russia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Spain, Ireland, and Taiwan. So, using this feature one can send and receive the money via messenger.

"Urban China, a market once overrun with new challengers, is maturing", we're told, "with the top five players all posting strong growth and the long tail of challenger brands falling away rapidly". They can also choose to transfer it from Apple Pay Cash to their bank account.

iOS 11.2 is available now as a free update and is required to make person to person payments and use Apple Pay Cash on iPhone and iPad.

Apple has released the official watchOS 4.2 update for all Apple Watch models. They'll still receive the money and they'll get a shiny new Apple Pay Cash card when they accept the terms and conditions.

Now that the iPhone is ten years old there has been a certain amount of fragmentation - iPhones older than the iPhone 5s can't run the latest operating system, for example.

Apple has released watchOS 4.2 for the Apple Watch.

You can install the new watchOS 4.2 software update on your device with the Apple Watch App on the iPhone. If Face ID does not work after a hard restart, contact Apple Support, as reported by Daily Mail. It also resolves the issue where simultaneous alarms and timers couldn't be dismissed independently, apart from fixing an issue where scrolling was disabled in Heart Rate.

Just how popular the system proves to be remains to be seen, of course, but this is a positive step for anybody looking to leave their wallet behind and conduct all their financial dealings from the Apple Watch.

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