Why Arshi will become the new captain

Carla Harmon
December 7, 2017

Hiten makes Arshi shout that she wants to be a captain.

The housemates have been given the task of babysitting. Hina keeps talking about Vikas and Hiten. Vikas gets eliminated from the task.

Later, Hina told Vikas and Hiten that she desperately wanted to become the captain but neither was convinced.

Hiten says that he is okay with being called spineless. Akash makes fun of Hiten for saving Arshi and tells him that even he knows half the show is about him and Arshi. The housemate unable to get a parking lot would be out of the game. Hina appears desperate to win and says Hiten should not blindly go by Vikas Gupta's words and instructions. Priyank who is a baby in Shilpa's pram tells her that he wants to be the captain. Hug it out With what he thinks are the few of his last days in the house, Akash tells Arshi he wants to bury the hatchet and that he will always be her friend. In all probability, Arshi might become the captain.

In the previous episode, it was seen that Vikas and Priyank were scheming about the task, so someone from them could become the captain. She was close to both Puneesh and his girlfriend Bandgi Kalra and after Bandai's eviction, Shilpa has been supporting Puneesh. Priyank too comes to Vikas seeking help. Luv was also present and he told everyone about his discussion with Vikas. But Priyank is heard telling Hina that he won't fulfil his promise as Puneesh had earlier broken his promise by making Vikas the captain. Hina loses her cool and asks Hiten to fight and force park his pram, but Vikas stops him again despite his requests. Vikas told him, he would choose Luv Tyagi over Priyank if need be."Dogli baatein mujhe katai pasand nahi". Akash apologises to Shilpa for trying to make amends.

All said and done, they are pathetic baby-sitters! Shilpa, however, refused. Arshi and Shilpa then launched into yet another fight hurling abuses at each other.

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