State Department issues 'worldwide caution' after Trump's Jerusalem announcement

Cheryl Sanders
December 8, 2017

The department on Tuesday urged us citizens to avoid Jerusalem's Old City and the West Bank over fears of protests and violent reaction to the president's announcement.

The US Ambassador was summoned to Iraq for making "protest" from the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iraq, because of the unprecedented decision by trump, which he recognized Israel's capital Jerusalem.

Al-Abadi called on the USA government to reverse that decision, because it can lead to an escalation of extremism and atmosphere conducive to terrorism around the world.

The Iran-backed militia Harakat Hizballah al-Nujaba said Trump's decision could become a "legitimate reason" to attack United States forces in Iraq.

"Trump's stupid decision to make Jerusalem a capital for the Zionist will be the big spark for removing this entity from the body of the Islamic nation, and a legitimate reason to target American forces", said Akram al-Kaabi, the group's leader. Being a part of the Iran-backed Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), the group is considered to be one of the most important militias in Iraq.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmad Mahjoub announced that the ministry has summoned the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, Douglas Silliman, and handed him a memo protesting the decision by Trump.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian group Hamas - recognized as terrorists by the US - threatened its own retaliation against Israel following Trump's declaration of the new USA policy, a separate Reuters report said. Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group that both Israel and the USA consider a terrorist group, has called for a third intifada, or uprising, against Israel. As other regional crises like the Arab Spring, ISIS, and the Syrian civil war have taken center stage, the fight for a Palestinian state has not continued to be as powerful a rallying cry as it once was.

"We have given instruction to all Hamas members and to all its wings to be fully ready for any new instructions or orders that may be given to confront this strategic danger that threatens Jerusalem and threatens Palestine", Haniyeh added.

The State Department issued a "Worldwide Caution" as President TrumpDonald John TrumpHouse Democrat slams Donald Trump Jr. for "serious case of amnesia" after testimony Skier Lindsey Vonn: I don't want to represent Trump at Olympics Poll: 4 in 10 Republicans think senior Trump advisers had improper dealings with Russia MORE announced the us would begin recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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