Second implosion of Pontiac Silverdome a success

Ross Houston
December 5, 2017

- Sunday was supposed to be the end of era in Metro Detroit as the Silverdome demolition gets underway but the old building isn't budging.

The Pontiac Silverdome stadium in MI has withstood a series of explosions aimed at taking down the structure.

Crews tried to demolish the upper ring of the stadium on Monday afternoon after Sunday's failure, and this time they succeeded. The same spokesperson later said that the cutting blasts did not go off.

A second run at the implosion is in the works, according to WDIV. "We don't know why or how", Rick Cuppetilli of Adamo Demolition said.

Crews placed explosives in steel beams, which did break off. Then, each vertical beam surrounding the Silverdome will be broken when a small charge detonates, causing the steel ring to fall to the ground.

The 82,000 seat stadium was home to the Detroit Lions until 2001 and the pistons through 1988.

If it hadn't worked, the entire stadium would have needed to be torn down by hydraulic excavators, possibly stretching the entire process for longer than a year.

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