Return to Winter Wonderland - 5 Meis & One Yeti-fied Winston

Yolanda Curtis
December 8, 2017

With another big holiday season approaching, so does another Overwatch event. But, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan says a long-awaited Hanzo skin people have seen before (maybe in the comics) is on the way. Like Overwatch's other seasonal events, the second helping of Winter Wonderland will be a healthy mix of new and old.

Overwatch's seasonal Winter Wonderland event returns next week on December 12th, and Blizzard is breaking down what players can expect from this year's festivities in a developer update video. In addition, Junkrat and Roadhog are confirmed to be getting new legendary skins for the holiday season, but they're not alone. "I was absolutely blown away when I saw the work that they had done and we really hope that you enjoy that". The Ecopoint: Antarctica map is also in the mix alongside the black Forest arena, along with winterized versions of numerous game's maps to coincide with the event. That game mode became very popular with fans past year, so we're sure a lot of them will be happy to see it make a comeback.

Blizzard is also introducing Mei's Yeti Hunt. Called "Mei's Yeti Hunt", this game mode will task five different Mei players with hunting down and defeating a Yeti, who just so happens to be Winston in his holiday skin. But once Winston triggers Primal Rage, the mode flips: It becomes all about the Meis attempting to escape before Winston can kill them.

This year, Snowball Offensive will be available on Ecopoint and the new winterised Black Forest arena. When the Yeti is defeated, the group of Meis wins, whereas if a certain number of Meis die, the Winston player wins.

When the Winter Wonderland event is over, it will take Mei's Yeti Hunt with it.

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