Republican Congressman Calls for GOP to Dump 'Disheveled Drunk' Steve Bannon

Republican Congressman Calls for GOP to Dump 'Disheveled Drunk' Steve Bannon

Cheryl Sanders
December 14, 2017

The DNC came in here, slipped in here underneath the radar and did an wonderful job of organizing.

Bannon said Moore was out-organized by Jones and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

"Hey. You gotta give the devil its due", he said. Trump is reportedly furious with his ousted chief strategist for encouraging him to endorse Moore, and now feels humiliated in the wake of his loss.

Republican U.S. Rep. Peter King of NY is calling for his party to get rid of Steve Bannon, after the Breitbart publisher and former Trump campaign CEO backed yet another losing candidate, this time Alabama's Roy Moore. "If you get outworked you are going to lose, and I got to tell you, their ability to get out votes, that is what it comes down to". He is expected to be seated in the Senate next year.

Republican Rep. Peter King called Steve Bannon a "disheveled drunk" who is "not the type of person" the Republicans need in politics during a Wednesday interview. If we are to Make America Great Again for all Americans, Bannon must go! "He looks like some disheveled drunk that wandered onto the political stage", King said of Bannon, speaking to CNN's Chris Cuomo.

"He sort of parades himself out there with his weird, alt-right views he has, and to me it's demeaning to the whole governmental and political process", King said.

"I have no problem, you have to fight for what's right", King responded.

He also claimed that Tuesday's election results were "a revulsion by people at [Bannon's] style, at his type of divisive views", adding that Bannon "encourages racial division".

Bannon, a former Hollywood producer and financial executive, served as Trump's chief strategist until August, when he returned to serve as the executive chairman of Breitbart News. Bannon had championed Moore despite a number of sexual misconduct allegations against the candidate.

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