Party chat support rolls out to the Xbox beta app for Android

Pablo Tucker
December 15, 2017

It appears Microsoft is testing this feature to allow you to interact with your Xbox party similar to how it's done on the Nintendo Switch (via Engadget). As part of the offer of transmission platforms, Microsoft's Mixer app for mobile devices just left the beta phase and is now available with new and improved options on iOS and Android devices. And while this is only available on Android for now, it would be reasonable to assume the feature will make its way to the iOS app at some point as well. The Party chat feature was already available for Xbox One users on Android but was not made available to handsets. Now you'll be able to chat with your friends when you're not by your console.

If for some reason you must put down the headset and walk away from your Xbox console, you no longer have to leave your party chat hanging. Mixer has not disclosed its user base, but Microsoft reports 600 million Windows 10 monthly active devices and more than 53 million monthly active Xbox Live users, so if even a small fraction is using Mixer, it's a significant number.

After a Beta period where it received feedback from users, Microsoft today released the definitive version of the Mixer application for mobile devices.

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