Overwatch League Uniform Skins Will Be Available for In-Game Purchase

Yolanda Curtis
December 5, 2017

There are 12 Overwatch League teams based in several cities around the world, with each one looking to be crowned as the inaugural Overwatch League champions and take home a grand prize of $1 million. With gamers from around the world, participating in different levels as teams; there has been some difficulty with identifying team members.

"We want to make sure that players can directly support their favorite Overwatch League teams, which is exactly what our league token system allows us to do", Blizzard said.

Blizzard released the announcement on Overwatch League team skins just before the eSports league's preseason, which is set to start on December 6. Players can represent their favorite team by wearing the uniform skin in the game.

According to commissioner Nate Nanzer, purchasing Overwatch League tokens for Overwatch League skins will "provide monetary support for the teams" involved.

Usually with Overwatch, the festive limited-time only skins can be unlocked through gameplay and found in random loot boxes.

The Overwatch League uniform skins will be available for all 26 current heroes, and Blizzard will be giving all PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players one free uniform skin for any character when they go live. Nanzer said that the players that will log in globally for Overwatch League will have enough tokens to purchase their first Overwatch skin.

This new currency has been launched to make sure that it achieves its intended objective - to support the teams in the league by the sale of their skins. These tokens will only be used for in-game content.

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