Mega Man 11 Coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC

Pablo Tucker
December 4, 2017

You might recognize one of those outfits in the game if you've been following Mega Man news. Capcom revealed on the Mega Man 30th anniversary live stream that they'll be releasing the long-awaited Mega Man 11 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC at the end of 2018. Furthermore, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, so you can catch up on the entire series before Mega Man 11! No more pixels here, but the polygonal take on the look of the series looks to be dedicated to replicating their style. A specific release date was not announced, but it is expected to launch sometime in the summer of 2018.

Well, Capcom actually managed to deliver on the promises of the Mega Man 30th anniversary stream today.

Other than the Switch ports and Mega Man 11 - the first new game in the series since 2010 - Capcom also announced that it has a collection of all eight Mega Man X titles in the works.

The original Mega Man came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System in December 17, 1987. The company has released compilations for the classic Mega Man games in the last couple of years.

Mega Man Legacy Collection contains the first Mega Man game through Mega Man 6.

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