'Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle' (NS) Versus Mode Coming Tomorrow - Trailer

Yolanda Curtis
December 8, 2017

It may have been a while since Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle made its official debut on the Nintendo Switch, but the game is getting a free update with new content in the form of a "Versus Mode".

"'Versus' challenges players to handpick their three-hero squads and use every attack and technique available to them to claim victory across small, surprise-filled maps", Ubisoft's Mikel Reparaz said in an announcement on the UbiBlog. The Nintendo Switch exclusive already had a co-op mode of course, but this local PvP mode-in which each player can use a single Joy-Con-marks the first time the game has allowed you to fight against your friends.

Additionally, playable characters in the mode will be "beefy, upgraded versions of all eight characters" (presumably to ensure character balance), while 16 different unlockable variants will be available on top of standard, "all-around starter loadouts" for each character. Those actions aren't per character - you have three total, meaning in some cases you may only use one hero per turn. You've got to be particularly strategic with the way you plan out your moves, because less is more here.

Overall, Ubisoft says these Versus mode matches are created to pass quickly, with users having the additional option to set limits of 7 or 10 turns in addition to time limits. On Friday, December 8, the game will add a competitive mode - and it's absolutely free for all players.

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