Juanita Fitzgerald Arrested: 930Year-Old Arrested For Not Paying Rent

Cheryl Sanders
December 15, 2017

Eustis police say they arrested her for trespassing after the Franklin House facility in which she lived reported that she has refused to pay rent for the past three months.

Karen Twinem, a spokesperson for National Church Residences, told WKMG Ms Fitzgerald had said she would not pay rent because she thought she would die soon.

When Eustis police officers arrived at the community, Fitzgerald refused officers' commands to leave and told them, "Unless you carry me out of here, I'm not going anywhere", according to the Eustis Police Department report obtained by the Miami Herald.

The report states that, on the previous day, Fitzgerald was made well-aware that she would be evicted and was asked several times to leave the property and told she could no longer stay there.

Juanita Fitzgerald Arrested: 930Year-Old Arrested For Not Paying Rent

As officers attempted to escort her out of the building, she intentionally slid out of her chair and onto the floor and resisted when officers tried to pick her up, the report said.

She was eventually released from the Lake County jail by a judge and handed to a caregiver on Thursday, after two days locked up in a medical ward. She was released on Thursday and has a December 27 court date.

The officer noted that due to her age and possibility of injury, Fitzgerald was not handcuffed.

Thompson said Fitzgerald was in the process of renewing her lease with Franklin House, but there were changes in the contract that she didn't agree with, though he did not specify the details.

She was being evicted after falling behind on her rent, police said.

When Fitzgerald refused to leave the property Tuesday night, police officers stepped in.

She also refused assistance from the Department of Children and Families, The Homeless Coalition, Department of Elder Affairs and eight other agencies, officers said. It's part of National Church Residences, a religious housing nonprofit based in Ohio.

"I don't want them to help me". "And one thing's that unique (is) she refuses all help". I don't need no help.

Fitzgerald, whose birthday is Friday, is facing charges of trespassing after a warning, Lake County authorities said.

"Juanita lived in an independent living community, and our action was based on our overriding concern for her own safety", Twinem said in a statement.

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