IPhones may get reversible emoji in 2018

Yolanda Curtis
December 7, 2017

With this change in place, one would finally have an emoji in either direction, for instance, the train emoji can either be left or right and the same applies for the emoji of a running girl.

This list from the Unicode Consortium will likely make its debut sometime in fall of next year, coinciding with the release of Apple's new iPhone operating system update.

Newly proposed guidelines under consideration by the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit group that maintains Unicode as the global standard for symbols across software platforms, could soon radically change the way we use emojis.

There are also new animals such as raccoons and llamas, new food & drink items, a new cracker emoji filed under "activities", new objects, tools, household items, symbols, and more. There are a couple that didn't make the final cut such as frowning pile of poo, grinning face with OK as eyes, and frowning face with question marks as eyes.

Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Vendors will have to choose which options they'd like to offer, but we see very little reason why both "flips" of each emoji shouldn't be included. Google finally fixed the burger emoji. In all likelihood, the new emojis will roll out on all major platforms starting from the second half of 2018. The final list will be confirmed in the first quarter of next year, with a decision in January and an announcement in March.

The proposal to include this change in a future round of Unicode's emoji updates is just a draft at this point and might not ever become a feature on your phone. Next year, iOS devices could boast reversible emoji and many others. With the new addition of the reversible technology, these new emojis are likely to take a little bit longer to implement than previous releases.

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