India vs Sri Lanka 2017: Sri Lanka announce squad for ODI series

Henrietta Brewer
December 7, 2017

First he helped leave India in a dominant position against Sri Lanka by top-scoring with 67 - his fifth Test half-century - before his colleagues kindly "helped" him celebrate his special day in the dressing room.

A day before yesterday, Sri Lankan coach Nic Pothas had complained about several Lankan players vomiting and feeling sick due to the poor air quality."We had players coming off the field and vomiting", he told reporters after the match. "It takes a serious toll on your health in the long run", he said.

According to the BBC, India's Cricket Board says it will take smog into consideration when scheduling matches in Delhi in the future.

Sri Lanka in reply scored 373.

Concentrations of the smallest and most harmful airborne pollutants in Delhi, one of the world's most polluted capitals, hit 384 - 15 times the World Health Organization maximum - before returning to levels considered just "unhealthy", the USA embassy website showed.

These tiny particles - a fraction the size of human hair - lodge deep in the lungs and are linked to higher rates of chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and heart disease.

Even limited exposure can cause shortness of breath and make the eyes weep and throat burn.

Pollution levels in Delhi usually remain in the "very poor" category during December.

Doctors warned of dire health consequences and challenged the race in court but it went ahead, with runners complaining of burning eyes and sore throats.

It also proceeded but schedule was adjusted to avoid Delhi at its worst.

India's Cricket Board accused the visitors of exaggerating the issue, but doctors have been increasingly vocal about the health risks of playing sports in such a polluted environment.

With pollution levels particularly alarming in the past two years, doctors have raised awareness against sports events in Delhi. Of course there is pollution, but during the winters as there is a lot of smog, so whatever the situation is, we need to adjust accordingly.

The tribunal also condemned the Delhi government for not filing any action plan to curb air pollution in the National Capital.

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