Higher than normal voter turnout expected in Alabama Senate race

Cheryl Sanders
December 13, 2017

Lee County Elections Manager Robert Garris says it's a good thing people are getting out and making their vote count in this election.

The judge's order, which argued that voters would "suffer irreparable and immediate harm if digital ballot images are not preserved", would have required the images to be saved for six months.

Doug Jones
Doug Jones

Election officials in Lee County say they expected around twenty-five percent of voters to cast ballots in a special election. It affirms that paper ballots-and the electronic images that scanners create while counting them-are public records that must be saved.

The general increase in numbers can be accredited to the national attention this election is getting.

A circuit judge on Monday ordered election officials to set voting machines to save all digital ballot images, which would preserve voting records in the event of a recount.

Secretary of State John Merrill had projected 25 percent but now estimates the turnout to be around 35 percent. Moore denies the accusations.

"In the June of next year we in the primary we will have a large turnout because it's a regular election but in a special election it's not going to be a big turnout", said Flowers.

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