Gun used in Tupac's murder was found in Compton backyard in 1998

Carla Harmon
December 16, 2017

Further deepening the mystery surrounding Tupac's death, his murder weapon has allegedly been found - and lost again.

Tupac Shakur was shot in a drive-by shooting in 1996.

The gun never made it to Las Vegas PD.

This information on the handgun was uncovered by producers of A&E docu-series Who Killed Tupac, in documents seen by TMZ.

Shakur's family apparently had no idea that the murder weapon was located.

The.40 caliber Glock was found by a member of the public in 1998 and handed to Compton Police Department on May 30, 1998, before being transferred to LA County Sheriff's Department two years later when they took over local law enforcement.

In the year 2006, Deputy T. Brennan who was working on Biggie's murder came across documents that revealed the home where the gun was found, was the residence of the girlfriend to a prominent Crip member that was Tupac's rival.

The Glock found in Compton was put through a ballistics test, and it matched the gun that killed Shakur, according to TMZ.

Instead of the murder weapon being sent to Las Vegas, where the Ghetto Gospel rapper's murder was still unsolved, a federal prosecutor assigned to the case highlighted concerns that the discovery might alert potential conspirators.

See his initial reaction to the almost two-decades-old discovery below and catch the full episode when it premieres Tuesday (Decemmber 19) on A&E. The network says they reached out to the LVPD and some officers are claiming the gun never got to them, meanwhile, others are just plain unsure. TMZadds that it was also possible that law enforcement feared any gang rivalry flare-ups if news broke that the gun was tied to the Crip member. With his murder still unsolved, several conspiracies about his tragic passing (and whether or not he is still alive) have surfaced over the years.

Anderson, who denied the claims, was killed in a gang shooting in 1998. 'All these people are dropping dead.

He said: 'I believe in karma, ' he said.

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