Google Offers Free Netflix With PixelBooks and Samsung Chromebooks

Yolanda Curtis
December 5, 2017

As highlighted on the Chromebooks offer page, Google is now offering 6 months worth of Netflix for those who have a Samsung Chromebook Plus, a Chromebook Pro, or a Google Pixelbook. Carriers do it, too - T-Mobile recently teamed up with Netflix to subsidize family plan subscribers' Netflix plans, and Sprint's now offering a free Hulu subscription for new subscribers.

Google's Netflix offer stacks on top of the search giant's other ongoing Chromebook promotions.

Chrome OS' stripped-down, web-based ecosystem is a ideal platform for streaming apps, particularly if you happen to own a top-tier Chromebook with a gorgeous display like, say, the Google Pixelbook. This will allow them to buy apps from the store or pay for subscriptions. This bundle offers HD video and downloads to compatible devices, too, as 9 to 5 Google notes. As a free add-on to any device covered by the promo, this works out to $10.99 a month that covers two screens. If you already have a Netflix subscription, including a different plan. you can apply the value ($65.94) to that.

Along with free Netflix, Google is also offering a couple other neat extras like $20 of Google Play credit and exclusive content in Asphalt 8 (both of which also need to be claimed before December 31st) and 100GB of Google Drive storage for two years, along with a 90-day trial for Google Play Music. With your Android-enabled Chromebook, you'll be able to download HD movies for on the go viewing.

The Chromebook Pro starts at $549, while the new Google Pixelbook starts at $999.

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