Google is killing Chrome Apps for desktops, for good

Yolanda Curtis
December 7, 2017

More than a year ago, Google announced that Chrome Apps would be removed from Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of Chrome (but not Chrome OS) some time in 2017, and it seems we've come to that point today. "Another update will be posted here when a new date for the Chrome Apps EOL on Windows, Mac, and Linux has been finalized". Well, almost a year-and-half later Google has completed the job and now, Chrome browser will not be able to access or install any apps from the store.

As spotted by Ron Amadeo over at Ars Technica, an email is being sent out to developers in which Google re-iterated what it said last August about Chrome Apps being scheduled to stop working on Windows, Mac & Linux in Q1 2018. These applications which are already being rolled out for Chrome on Android and will function more like full-fledged applications with push notification capabilities and an installable app icon.

They'll be replaced by mid-2018 by the introduction of Progressive Web Apps for desktops. According to the company's blog post, it was the initial step in the process to shut down the Chrome Apps section as nobody wants to download apps through their browsers [Chrome] anymore.

All types of Chrome apps will remain supported and maintained on Chrome OS for the foreseeable future. There's still no word on removing Chrome Apps from Chrome OS, though.

For Chromebook users, or ChromeOS users chrome apps will continue to work there and you will get regular updates from the app developers.

Google on Wednesday made good on its promise to rid of Chrome Apps. People who use Chrome just for web surfing will be able to download extensions and themes. Because of this, other companies are jumping on the PWA bandwagon: it works on Samsung Android phones in the Samsung browser, Firefox on Android, and Opera on Android. Microsoft already announced that it's bringing PWAs to Windows 10, while Apple is in early stages to bring it to the Safari web browser.

Google removes apps from Chrome web browser.

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