Google Home Mini update brings back touch controls for audio playback

Yolanda Curtis
December 10, 2017

Being unable to fix it, Google simply had to issue a workaround fix: turn off the touch sensitive area on the top of the unit.

If you're a Google Home Mini user, you ought to know that Google had recently pull the plug off from touch controls for audio playback. Some Google Home Mini devices were found to be listening to their surroundings even when not being called upon. According to new reports, the touch functionality will be coming back via an upcoming update, but not exactly in the same way as before.

The company disabled the feature in October this year, after a privacy issue was reported in which the Mini was registering phantom touches and recording more often than it should.

"The Google Home team is aware of an issue impacting a small number of Google Home Mini devices that could cause the touch control mechanism to behave incorrectly".

It's good news for those who own a Google Home Mini speaker.

Also, it rolled out a multitasking feature in its smart home speaker Google Home that makes it possible for the device to accomplish two different tasks at the same time, which will essentially let the user bundle two requests into the same sentence instead of having to say one command at a time. The volume rockers would work for adjusting the volume. So far, the side of the smart speakers was only used for controlling the volume, but with the update, you can get access to some extra functionality too.

In terms of input, both the Google Home and the Google Home Mini are relatively simple devices. While the Google Home Mini isn't flawless, it's still a very good option when it comes to getting your feet wet with a smart speaker.

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