Gigi Hadid rocks armpit hair for LOVE Advent Day 11

Carla Harmon
December 12, 2017

GIGI Hadid embraces her natural body hair as she stars in the eleventh day of the Love Advent Calendar. Rather, people seem to be more fixated on the fact that the video (like Graham's) appears to be un-retouched-particularly on her underarms. All month long, the magazine's been counting down the days until Christmas with a supermodel video for each day.

Posting the video to his Instagram, one commenter championed Gigi's decision to keep her pits fuzzy, to which he replied: "it's from the sweat & the dust of that building". "I'm shook (sic)", one Instagram user wrote, while another commented: "Ew, under her arms..."

"It's arm pit hair, and it's unbelievable that they did this with such mainstream model", one wrote, while another fan writes: "I love this one!" Showing the world a very different take on beauty, the model proved that you don't need to adhere to society's standards to look and feel strong and attractive. Another said: "Every women has body hair even supermodels!"

'It is not armpit hair! "Don't like it? Then leave!"

We're told the culprit was simply that navy cropped coat Gigi is seen wearing in the vid - ya know, the one in which she's striking poses and kinda working up a sweat.

Check out Gigi Hadid's most stylish moments ever. It is just black fluff from the inside of the track jacket she wears in some parts of the video, it stuck when she was sweating'.

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