German Magazine Releases Controversial, Unedited Morrissey Interview

Carla Harmon
December 13, 2017

In November, German news website Spiegel Online published an interview with Morrissey where he made controversial remarks about Kevin Spacey, Donald Trump, and more.

"Would I support Kevin Spacey's private proclivities?"

"Morrissey said in a Facebook post that Der Spiegel had incorrectly reproduced his statements, concluding that the fact that we have not yet published the recording of the conversation is an indirect admission of guilt", said the publication. Ditto for child abuse, sexual harassment and rape, Morrissey wrote.

"It can be heard, when asked about "#MeToo and [Harvey] Weinstein and all those things", he says "To a point I did, but then it becomes a theater, and suddenly everybody's guilty.

The headlines led to Morrissey claiming that he had been misquoted, vowing to never do another print interview and saying: "Unless you see the words form in my mouth and then you see or hear the words come out of my mouth... please, if you don't see that, I didn't say them".

In the Der Spiegel piece, Morrissey is quoted as saying that he felt Spacey - who actor Anthony Rapp alleged made sexual advances toward him at a party in 1986, when Spacey was 26 and Rapp was 14 years old - was being "attacked unnecessarily".

"But in many, many situations, if you look at the circumstances, you think that the person who is called the victim is merely disappointed". No, never. Would Der Spiegel convey my views fairly? You can not say that the identity of your country is nothing-you can not say that!-and that seems to be happening throughout Europe. "Since they eagerly flew from beloved Berlin to beloved Los Angeles in order to talk and laugh, I assumed a common understanding". You have to wonder where the boy's parents were. "It seems to me that Spacey has been attacked unecessarily". No, never. Would I support sexual harassment?

The former Smiths frontman has taken to social media to address his recent interview and reaffirm his promise to never speak to print media again.

As previously reported, Morrissey has twice denied that he said a number of the things that were quoted in the original published interview.

He concluded: "Meanwhile, our requests to Der Speigel for un-chopped, un fiddled with audio of their interview with me has been refused".

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