Facebook launches app for young users

Pablo Tucker
December 5, 2017

It's called "Messenger Kids" and it will allow children between the ages of 6 and 12 who are too young to get a Facebook account-to chat with friends.

According to Facebook, for now, the new app is only available in the US.

Every child account on Messenger Kids must be set up by a parent.

"There's really a gap in the market for a messaging app for kids that also gives parents control", Facebook spokeswoman Lauren Svensson said. And in the event a child is harassed or exposed to banned content in Messenger Kids, the burden falls in part on Facebook's human moderators to act. But it's raised questions over whether it's wise for kids to start on social media that young.

The messages sent by the kids from the Messenger Kids app will be received by the recipients through the regular Messenger app. However, several reports have surfaced showing inappropriate videos streaming through to kids.

Facebook rolled out Messenger Kids, an app that lets the world's biggest social media company expand into a so-far untapped market of kids under 13 while also giving parents complete control over what their children see.

Parents approve all the friend requests.

Messenger Kids is available in the App Store for US iOS users with plans for it to go live on Google Play and the Amazon App Store in the coming months.

There will also be "a library of kid-appropriate and specially chosen GIFs, frames, stickers, masks and drawing tools lets them decorate content and express their personalities". Kids can't create a new account on a Messenger Kids without parental consent.

With so many people starting to rely on Messenger as their main form of communication, a lot of people are taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

You can head over to messengerkids.com if you want more information about the Messenger Kids app.

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